August 4 – 9, 2006 


Enjoy the great sights of Western Michigan in the summer.  Visit the cities where the rich and famous from Chicago spent their summers away from the heat.  Swim in the cool sun lit Lake Michigan.  Spend time as we travel the Michigan countryside with other private railroad cars for a special trip to Petoskey, Michigan, on a train trip we call “The Northern Arrow.”



The Canadian Pacific dome observation lounge car, Algonquin Park, will be joined with the Union Pacific sleeper, Pacific Sands, for this great adventure.  Enjoy your private room or roam the cars meeting other passengers.  We plan three stops on each of our two Michigan travel days.  We even plan to stop the train near a city park, debark and have a traditional box lunch as our private train waits.  Special trips to Mackinaw Island will be available once we arrive in Petoskey. 


Come and join us on this one of a kind railroad adventure.   This promises to be a very unique private railroad experience.  Rare mileage fans and historical railway buffs alike will find something special on this trip.  Learn about the history of “The Northern Arrow” when it was a summer resort train bringing the wealthy from Illinois and Ohio to the beautiful northern Michigan area. 


Daily Itinerary


Day 1 - Friday August 4                                Meals included - Dinner

Board Pacific Sands in Chicago, or Algonquin Park in Durand, MI

Morning                        Meet there anytime during the day and spend the time exploring the downtown Chicago loop area.  Shopping time will be available in the morning.

12:00 Noon                   Lunch will be on your own.  We are planning a group tour of the Chicago Sears Tower in the early afternoon. 

2:00 PM                        Meet your hosts prior to 2 pm. in the station

3:00 PM                        Depart Chicago, IL on the Amtrak “Blue Water” train # 364 at 3:00 p.m.

5:00 PM                        A special Chicago-style dinner will be provided in your rooms on-board the Pacific Sands during the travel from Chicago to Durand

9:00 PM                        Arrive Durand, MI.  The Algonquin Park will join the Pacific Sands in the Northern Arrow train.  The train will be switched to the short line railroad Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railroad, (TS&BY).  Join us in the dome or observation lounge for evening viewing while we travel a short distance to Owosso for our overnight stay

10:30 PM                      Arrive Owosso, MI. 

11:00 PM                      Overnight  In your room on the train in Owosso



Day 2 - Saturday August 5                            Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch

7-9 AM                          Awake to breakfast served by our chef.  

8 AM                              Depart Owosso, MI.  Once on the TS&BY, we will travel on short line freight tracks at a leisurely pace, thru central Michigan, on our way to Petoskey. 

10 AM                            Arrive Shepherd, MI, where we will stay for about an hour.  There is an interesting railroad museum here.

11:00 AM                      Depart Shephard, MI

11 AM – 1 PM              Lunch served enroute. 

1:30 PM                        Arrive Cadillac, MI, for a one hour stop.   This will be a wonderful time to take pictures of the sites you will be seeing. 

2:30 PM                        Depart Cadillac, MI

5:00 PM                        Arrive Our final travel stop will be Boyne Falls to attend the Polish Festival for 2 hours, at which you may buy your own dinner.   

7:00 PM                        Depart Then it’s on to Petoskey for our next overnight. 

9:30 PM                        Arrive We will park the train in the Bayfront Park in beautiful downtown Petoskey, MI. The train will tie up at the old railroad station adjacent to the historic Perry hotel with a park on one side and Lake Michigan on the other.

11:00 PM                      Overnight  In your room on the train at Bayfront Park in Petoskey. 



Day 3 - Sunday August 6                               Meals included – Breakfast

7:00-9:00 AM              Awake to breakfast served by our chef.  

                                        This is a day that you can choose any activities on your own.  Feel free to come and go as you please. There are two potential events today, one at the Perry Hotel and the other having to do with the lake.  We will have more details in the future. 

10AM - 4:00 PM          Petoskey Antiques Festival Event.  At the North Central Michigan College.  The Mid-West's most charming antiques market.  Set in the old-time country atmosphere of Emmet County, the Petoskey Summer Antiques Festival has become one of the areas most anticipated and widely attended events.  A diverse selection of formal and country American, European, Oriental antiques and American folk art are featured.  Over 150 national and regional antiques dealers will be exhibiting and selling their collections.  Delicious lunches and snack items prepared by a local chef are available.  Strolling musicians, storytellers, and vendors will be on hand along with one of the areas finest musical talents, Mr. Gregg.  The Festival not only provides the whole family with an inexpensive fun filled weekend of historical treasure hunting, but also provides one of the Midwest's most charming outdoor antiques markets for the antiques enthusiast, novice to expert, to browse, discover, and add to their collections of antiques.  A truly remarkable experience!

11:00 PM                      Overnight  In your room on the train at Bayfront Park in Petoskey. 



Day 4 - Monday August 7                             Meals included – Breakfast

7:00-9:00 AM              Awake to breakfast served by our chef.  

                                        Enjoy another day of adventure in the scenic Grand Traverse Bay area. 

Early AM                       Mackinaw Island Event.  There will be an optional trip to Mackinaw Island; details will follow. 

Those going will board a bus to Mackinaw City, and then take the ferry to Mackinaw Island. 

Mackinac Island is the truly "all natural" theme park of America. Limited to transportation of horse and buggy, bicycle or foot, surrounded by water, it has escaped the vast changes of time.  Visit the web site at  Perhaps the most noticeable first impression visitors get of Mackinac Island is the absence of automobiles! Visitors and residents travel by foot, bicycle or horse drawn carriage. This tempo is more comparable to the 19th century. Tour carriages and taxis will take you wherever you want to go and it's not long before you adjust to a slower pace most visitors have never known.

12:00 PM                      Lunch on your own as you explore Mackinaw Island, or in Petoskey.

8:30 PM                        Dinner  For those going to Mackinaw Island, we will be stopping at a unique restaurant on the way back, where we will have dinner overlooking Lake Michigan and watching the sunset.  .

11:00 PM                      Overnight  In your room on the train at Bayfront Park in Petoskey.



Day 5 - Tuesday August 8                             Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch

7:00-9:00 AM              Awake to breakfast served by our chef.  

8:00 AM                        Depart We will depart Petoskey at approx 8:00 am.

10:30 AM                      Arrive Kalkaska, MI 

11:30 AM                      Depart Kalkaska, MI

11:30 AM – 1 PM        Lunch served enroute. 

1:00 PM                        Arrive Cadillac, MI for a quick stop. 

1:15 PM                        Depart Cadillac, MI

4:00 PM                        Arrive Mt Pleasant, MI.  We will be here for three hours, where we will visit the Mountaintown Micro Brewery and Steakhouse. 

7:00 PM                        Depart  Mt. Pleasant, MI

8:30 PM                        Arrive Owosso, MI. 

11:00 PM                      Overnight  In your room on the train in Owosso.



Day 6 - Wednesday August 9                        Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch

5:45 AM                        Depart Owosso at approx. 5:45 am for Durand. 

7:00-9:00 AM              Awake to breakfast served by our chef.  

7:00-9:00 AM              Algonquin Park will be uncoupled from the train and Pacific Sands and the other 12 cars will be transferred back to Amtrak Blue Water #365. 

1:00 PM                        Arrive Chicago at approx. 1:00 pm.



Michigan and Chicago Options:


California Options:




This special trip is priced at $1,995.00 per person, double accommodations.  Join us for this unique experience aboard the Algonquin Park dome observation lounge, sleeper car.  There are a limited number of bedroom spaces available in the Algonquin Park.  We will be running with the Union Pacific car called the Pacific Sands.  There are single and double accommodations available in Pacific Sands.  Please contact us for details of availability on these special railroad passenger cars. 


Algonquin Park


Built:  1953-1954

Builder: Edward G. Budd Company

Ordered By:  Canadian Pacific

Used On:  The Canadian

Size: 85 feet long, 10 feet wide, 15’ 10” high

Weight: 144,500 pounds

Construction:  Stainless Steel

Style:  Dome/Observation/Lounge/Sleeper

Capacity: 48 Day / 9 Night




In early 1953, Canadian Pacific ordered 173 light-weight stainless steel passenger cars to use in their train The Canadian.  The most luxurious of the whole order were the 18 dome observation cars called the “Park Series.”  These are named for national and provincial parks in Canada.  Each was designed with three double bedrooms, a drawing room (sleeps three), an under-dome lounge and bar, an observation lounge in the rear and the dome lounge on top.  The lounge under the dome was called the “Mural Lounge” because it features an oil-on-canvas mural of the specific park for which each car was named.   


The Canadian typically had one or two baggage cars, followed by 3 or 4 coach class cars, which were followed by the diner and then three to five standard sleeper cars.  The “Park Series” car brought up the rear.  On any passenger train, the last car was the highest class and the most desirous car to ride in.  If you could get the sleeper in this car, that was great!  Each room had its own attendant call button for day use and a call button at the bedside for use at night.  Each of the chairs in the observation lounge has its own call button also. 


The most exclusive sleeping space on the “Park Series” car and, in fact, the whole train was the drawing room.  This room was the biggest room of all the sleeping spaces.  It contains a 3 person couch and a folding chair for day use.  At night the room has three separate single beds available for sleeping.  This special room is called a drawing room because it sleeps three persons comfortably.  Each of the bedrooms have their own private toilet annex rooms.  Each has individual temperature controls and a small clothes closet. 


The observation area of ALGONQUIN PARK allows one to sit back and enjoy the company of friends and acquaintances met on the trip as one views the passing country side.  The completely remodeled dome area is the viewing high-light of the whole train.  An experience in itself, the dome area allows you a view in all 360 degrees.  Watch the front of the train as it progresses up the tracks, and look behind to see where you’ve just been.  With two booth-table seating areas enjoy meals in the dome, play cards, and socialize all day and into the night.  With special lighting installed, view the evening stars out panoramic windows looking straight up into the sky above.  Sit back and relax in one of the six swivel barrel chairs. 


Pacific Sands


Built: 1950

Builder: Budd Company

Weight: 70 tons

Construction: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 22

Water:  350 Gallons

Retention: 320 Gallons

Generator: 65 KW Stadco

Trucks: Outside Swing Hander UP Design

Top Speed: 110 MPH


PACIFIC SANDS was delivered to the Union Pacific Railroad in April of 1950.  Part of a total of 50 Pacific Series sleeper cars delivered by the Budd Company that year, the Pullman Company and Union Pacific had high hopes for the future expansion of rail travel by re-equipping the "City" trains with sleek, modern stainless steel cars.  The early fifties was the high point of the showdown between the train, automobile and airplane and UP, Pullman and other railroads were coming out fighting!

PACIFIC SANDS was first operated by the Pullman Company until the late 60's, when the Pullman Company was dissolved and operation of the cars was taken over by the Union Pacific Railroad.   PACIFIC SANDS was a regular on all of the “City” trains - the City of Portland, City of Los Angeles and City of San Francisco among others and provided classic Pullman service in its 6 double bedrooms and 10 single roomettes until Amtrak’s formation on April 1, 1971. 

PACIFIC SANDS was rescued into private ownership in 1996, after 46 years of railroad service.  The exterior has been beautifully restored and polished to a partial Pullman / Union Pacific paint scheme by Pacific Sand's first private owner.  It has also been mechanically upgraded to all current Amtrak and FRA safety standards.  Pullman Adventures acquired the car in 2003, and is currently restoring the interior of the car to its glory days of the 1950’s while adding modern travel conveniences.

PACIFIC SANDS features six double bedrooms with upper and lower berths, also configurable into 3 large suites with sleeping space for four or daytime seating for five each.  Each double occupancy room includes a private toilet annex, individual temperature controls, a small clothes closet, fluffy pillows and blankets and a large picture window to watch the world go by.

PACIFIC SANDS also has ten single Roomettes including a small clothes closet, reclining seat, fold-up sink and bed.  Seven of the Roomettes have a toilet in the room.  The former porter’s room / Amtrak luggage storage area is now the general shower and toilet. The former general toilet has been converted into a beverage center and includes a small refrigerator/freezer, sink, microwave and coffee maker.